Wind and Sun

AG has actually been enlisted for over 10 years in the job planning and realisation of sun playgrounds and also wind ranches, particularly in Southern Spain. According to an EU research study the nation possesses some of the best sunlight and also wind capacities in Europe.

As obtaining from created electrical power creation is promised for extended periods of time, depending upon nation and also law-makers, this is an incredibly safe as well as financially rewarding investment.

The conservation of our natural resources is actually a pushing challenge for us all (Facebook Page)

Condition and global establishments’ activities are actually supporting the growing environmental awareness as well as the will to occupy environmental management as core plan purpose.

The racing development from the world’s populace provides further policy problems. The ecological effect off electricity development and in the garbage disposal market– and also given the enhancing demand– needs to be actually decreased.

That traditional sources of energy are scarce and not renewable has established itself as a general credo. LOGISTIC AG supports these social, political and economic changes with its commitment to ecologically and economically optimise interactions with nature.

The future of [email protected] AG is supported by a remarkably favourable market condition. Term of Germany’s inspiration in concerns of wind energy has gotten round. Various countries have actually taken on identical designs in favor from building cultural energies, specifically in regions along with high wind speeds, including in various other European countries.

In lots of European countries the buying of electricity manufacturing is promised over a time frame from as much as Twenty Years, for this reason ensuring the firm’s revenue. Each kilowatt (kW) from power generated coming from wind and solar energy must be bought due to the network operators at fixed minimum costs. This implies an optimum from intending reliability for our company and also our investors.

Our purpose is actually to create and become aware power playgrounds on appropriate large-surface locations, which guarantee a well-balanced ratio of safe and secure incomes as well as above-average prospective yield.


With our activities we would like to make a commensurate contribution to clean energy production in the age of climate change.

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